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Engineering Systems Limited offers a number of Support Services to the Oil & Gas, Exploration, Production and Services Companies in Nigeria. We also render support services to Industrial and Marine companies.


In rendering our services, Engineering Systems Limited is fully committed to the highest quality standards of product and services delivery. We adopt a Total Quality approach with respect to our business, our employees and network of consultants, and the equipment and tools that are used in product and service delivery.


At ESL, Quality is controlled throughout the service delivery process. From ordering process through to planning and production to finishing, final inspection, delivery and invoicing, quality is enshrined in all we do.


ESL quality requirements are stringent, and comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, and API Q1/ISO TS 29001 Quality Management System. Engineering Systems Limited is also ready to adapt to customers' specific quality requirements.

  • Unmatched Customer Support

  • Prompt Quotes Based on Realistic Cost Estimates

  • Firm Delivery Schedules

  • Contract Review to Identify and Address Pre-Production Issues

  • Production Control for Hassle-Free Deliveries On Time & Correct to Specification

Engineering Systems Limited provides a full and flexible service, providing and rendering a wide range of products and services. The company is geared to short lead times, reliable deliveries and stringent quality controls.
















QA/QC, Tubular & NDT Services

Engineering Systems Limited render Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Tubular and NDT Services of Oil & Gas Equipment, Tools, Facilities and Critical Assets to ascertain their continued safety, reliability, "fitness for purpose" and conformance to national and international standards of Quality and Safety


Procurement & Supply Services

Engineering Systems Limited can procure and deliver equipment, parts, components, tools, raw materials and consumables for a wide range of Oil & Gas, Industrial and Marine needs. We are developing a network of Original Equipment Manufacturers, OEMs and Suppliers worldwide, giving us access to worldwide services that enable us meet and even exceed customer requirements and orders.


Cold Cutting Services

Cold cutting eliminates the need for hazardous flame cutting. Engineering Systems Limited offer Cold Cutting Services for a variety of operations. ESL has split frame air-driven Cold Cutting Machines capable of cutting, internal and external bevelling of all grades of casing and conductor pipes ranging between 7" to 42" Outside Diameter, and wall thickness up to 2-1/2". Our cold cutting units are pneumatically and hydraulically power


Technical Manpower Supply Services

Engineering Systems Limited is committed to sourcing and provision of Technical Manpower for our clients. We identify and provide the following technical manpower in line with client requirements, utilizing appropriate screening and matching methods that ensure only suitably qualified and competent personnel are provided to clients. From professionals to technicians, ESL provides competent, experienced, and highly skilled and dedicated personnel to execute clients' projects. 


Corrosion Control, Blasting & Painting Services

Engineering Systems Limited has the capability to provide various types of blasting and painting services both onshore and offshore, including ultra high pressure (UHP) hydro blasting, grit blasting, sandblasting. Our services are available at our factory or on site as required with quick and full repair turnaround & quality documentation




Habitat Services

Hot works habitats create a safe enclosure when there is a requirement for hot work (welding, burning, cutting, grinding, etc.) and electrical cabling in potentially hazardous areas.

Live Plant + Hot Work = Habitats = No Risk


Welding and Fabrication Services

Engineering Systems Limited has a full service welding and fabrication department that provides top quality, precision welding and fabrication services and products at a price that is very highly competitive. Engineering Systems Limited move customer projects through the entire work execution process from procurement through fabrication process  to inspection and delivery fast, smoothly and efficiently, giving them exactly what they require.


Equipment & Tools Rental Services

Engineering Systems Limited has a diversified inventory of Inspection & Test , Drilling, Construction and Support Services equipment, tools and accessories for rentals.


Rotating Equipment Maintenance

Engineering Systems Limited provides  maintenance, repair, overhaul, and modification of rotating equipment for Oil & Gas and Marine industries. We have in-house capabilities to render rotating equipment maintenance services ranging from minor component repairs through to full workshop and field overhaul of major equipment and tools. Through our network of OEMs and Agents, we can supply parts and components for full maintenance operations in such a timely manner that can forestall downtime.            


QMS Consultancy Services

Engineering Systems Limited render Quality Management System Consultancy, Training and Auditing. We are registered with the Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) as Quality Management Systems (QMS) Consultants. ESL has staff, and network of Consultants worldwide who have considerable experience in management systems design, development, documentation, training and auditing. Our staff and Consultants are Quality Management Systems Professionals and lead Auditors with proven experience and track records.





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