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Engineering Systems Limited provides premium and qualitative procurement and supply of equipment, critical parts and components, tools, materials, accessories and consumables for a wide range of Oil & Gas, Industrial, Marine and Corporate needs.


Procurement is made both locally and overseas, while maintaining Quality, Safety, Quantity, Regulatory and other requirements of each specific contract or purchase  order. We keep developing a network of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Sole Agents, Representatives and Suppliers worldwide, giving us access to worldwide services that enable us meet and even exceed customer requirements and orders. We take your supply chain challenges away from you.

Our wide range and ever expanding list of items we procure and supply include but no limited to the following:

  1. Drilling Tools and Components

  2. Marine Supplies as per IMPA and ISSA Codes

  3. Pumps and Parts (Centrifugal and Rotary US & EU)

  4. Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Parts

  5. Wellheads and Xmas Tree Components and Accessories 

  6. Valves and Actuators; Seals and Bearings

  7. Pipes, Fittings and Couplings

  8. Flanges (ASME, API, ANSI, BS, AWWA, NORSOK, Customized Flanges, etc)

  9. Mechanical Equipment and Tools, Spare Parts & Components

  10. Plant/Equipment Spare Parts and Components

  11. Oil Country Tubular Goods and Accessories (OCTG) such as Casing, Tubing, Drill Pipes, Collars Couplings, Centralizers, etc.

  12. Pup Joints and Cross Over Subs

  13. Fire Protection and Fire Fighting Equipment; Portable Gas Detectors

  14. Chemicals, Lubricants, Oils and Oil Products

  15. Safety and Personal Protective Equipment

  16. Steel and Steel Components & Parts

  17. Fibreglass and Thermoplastic Pipes and Fittings

Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery

Our achievement of customer objectives and customer satisfaction is based on the fact that we implement Just-In-Time by understanding the following elements of JIT philosophy:

  1. Quality is essential at all times: We work to eliminate defects, rejects, scraps and non-conformances.

  2. Time is of the essence: We work to eliminate delays, downtime, and reduce transit time.

  3. Ways to improve service delivery are always available: We constantly look for continual improvement processes, methods and procedures, implement them.

  4. Suppliers are essential to supply service delivery: We have established and cultivate good relationships with suppliers and manufacturers' representatives. Hence we have a procedure called “Supplier Evaluation and Monitoring” procedure. The three major criteria we consider when evaluating suppliers are:

          a. Delivered product or service quality     b. Timeliness (Delivery schedule performance - deadline achieved)

We've put a Just-in-Time delivery strategy to improve our customers' business inventory costs by reducing transit times and associated costs. In implementing our JIT strategy to ensure customer satisfaction, we follow the steps below:

  • Determine how well products, materials, or services are delivered presently, and implement actions for       continual improvement.

  • Determine what customers consider critical, superior, urgent or emergency and set priorities accordingly.

  • Establish specific priorities for purchasing functions to meet customer needs.

  • Collaborate with our network of Original Equipment Manufacturers, Sole Agents, Representatives and Suppliers to refine objectives and to prepare for implementation of JIT delivery to our customers' points of use

  • Monitor progress and performance, adjust, and always strive for continual improvement and excellence.

We ensure that customer orders are delivered duty paid at the point of use just before the customer needs them, or just in time to meet their operations and production needs.

To achieve this, ESL partners with Shipping, Courier, Freight Forwarding, Trucking and Logistics companies of national and international repute to ensure an unbroken network of supply chain links.



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