HSE Management System

Engineering Systems Limited has deep concerns for the Health, Safety and Security of Personnel, and the Environment in which the company operates. To ensure effective and safe operations, ESL has established, implements and maintains a HSE Management System consistent with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.


The Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSE MS) of ESL is a structured set of controls for managing our HSE hazards in our core business. And the management of ESL is fully committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment based on the principle that the requirements of health, safety and environmental protection are given priority over all our business activities.


ESLís structured approach to HSE management provides for continual improvement in the way we conduct our business. This structured set of controls is aimed at eliminating or reducing HSE hazards to a risk level that is acceptable by our employees, clients, regulatory bodies and the public. Our HSE Management System consists of a HSE/CASHES Manual; a HSE Policy and associated policies such as PPE Policy, Drug Abuse Policy, Occupational Health Policy, etc; HSE objectives and HSE Procedures.


HSE Policy

Our core business involves waste generation, working in sometimes potentially hazardous and unsafe environments, and the use of equipment and materials that demand safe handling, and which produce fumes, odours, etc that could be harmful to health. To ensure that personnel are safe at all times, the company has established a HSE Policy. Click here to read our HSE Policy.


HSE Objectives

As part of our business plan development and HSE improvement process, ESL has established, implements and maintains Health, Safety and Environmental strategic objectives and targets. ESL shall:


  • Strive for goal zero HSE incidents (No harm to people whether they be employees, contractors or third parties).

  • Is committed to prevention of pollution by progressively reducing emissions and discharges of waste arising from our significant environmental aspects.

  • Comply with applicable Legal and Other Requirements to which the company subscribes; and where possible, shall go beyond compliance to protect employees, interested parties, the public and the environment.

  • Identify unhealthy, unsafe and environmentally unsafe conditions and activities and provide solution before the commencement of any activity.

  • Show concern to the needs of our employees, host communities and the public by engaging in constructive communication with interested parties on the management of HSE issues.

  • Plan, develop and implement safe work instructions and procedures following effective job hazard and risk analysis and assessment.

  • Shall continually improve its HSE objectives and targets.

In establishing and reviewing the above objectives and targets, ESL took into considerations Legal and other requirements that apply to ESL, significant environmental aspects of ESLís activities, technological options available to ESL, ESLís financial/operational/business requirements, and the views of interested parties.









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