Cold Cutting Services

Cold cutting eliminates the need for hazardous flame cutting. Engineering Systems Limited offer Cold Cutting Services for a variety of operations. ESL has split frame air-driven Cold Cutting Machines capable of both cutting, internal and external bevelling of all grades of casing and conductor pipes ranging between 7" to 36" Outside Diameter, and wall thickness up to 2-1/2".

Our air-driven Cold Cutting Machines are suitable in hazardous environments

  • Simultaneous cutting and bevelling ensures compressed timelines

  • Internal and External Bevel

  • Classified as Cold Work - Zone I classification - No Hot Work Permit is required

  • No flames or sparks that could ignite hydrocarbons means no risk of fire and explosion

  • Casings and Conductor Pipes are easily cut and bevelled ready for wellhead installation

  • Lightweight and Flexibility - Easily installed around casings and conductor pipes.

  • Equipment can easily be adjusted to fit most  wellhead types

  • Cutting of casings tubing ranging from 23/8'' to 20''

  • Large diameter conductor pipes ranging from 20'' to 42'' can be cut

  • Cold Cutting on Live Producing Wells without shut-down and loss of production

  • Time required to cut and bevel 30'' Conductor Pipe of 1'' thickness is about 45 minutes.

Our cold cutting system produces a lathe-type bevelled finish on casing ends without altering metallurgical properties, and is widely used in decommissioning, wellhead Installation and in Tieback Operations on Oil & Gas Production Platforms, Petrochemical industries. Contact us for your cold cutting operations.



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